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Tuesday 6 May 2014

Derek Jones looks at this quality piece of kit from Veritas

Are you in the market for a sliding bevel? There is a wide range to choose from but if you want the ultimate in precision, feel and quality, then look no further than the 250mm or 100mm versions from Veritas. The two sizes are identical in every way with the 250mm one being ideal for cabinet work and the much smaller one suitable for model making, boxes or just sitting as a display piece.

Quality components

Each has a precision machined stainless steel blade, and silicon-bronze fittings. The cam-lock securing lever is easy to operate and adjustable for tension so after a lot of use, or should you want a stiffer setting, this is possible with the turn of a screw, and as it is in a recess there are no obstructions to interfere with your marking out. The body is described as resin-impregnated wood and has a nice pale hue to it. Made from thin laminations, this is a hard and accurate body, which should prove tough in normal use.

Accuracy of manufacture

The accuracy of manufacture is what you expect from Veritas: the larger bevel has a blade over 1mm-thick and checking for parallel of the long edges, there was a variance of only 0.05mm over the 250mm length. The smaller bevel blade had no measurable variation in width over its 100mm length. The wooden stocks were similarly parallel, both having a maximum variation in thickness of 0.05mm so you can confidently use both sides of the blades and stocks, knowing the set angle remains the same. The perfect partner to either size would be the Veritas precision bevel setter enabling accurate setting of any angle from 0-60°.

In use

Setting is easy by lifting the locking lever out of its recess in the wooden stock, then push back to secure the blade at the chosen angle. Out of the box, the locking force was adequate for marking out everything attempted and as there is no screw to potentially torque the blade out of position, setting angles is accurate. A slightly sharp arris on one blade edge - a consequence of accurate machining - was easily removed with several strokes of a diamond file.


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