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Tuesday 26 August 2014

Derek Jones looks at these brand new aluminium squares from David Barron

I know what you're thinking, aluminium for a square? What happens when you run a sharp, tool hard steel edge against it? Well nothing really if you're tooled up appropriately and by that I mean a good marking knife that's been prepared for the purpose. Here's a tip: having sharpened and honed your favourite knife to a fine point and flat back, draw the back of the bevel gently across the finest stone you have to create the slightest of back bevels. That's all you need to do to protect both the square and the knife edge. This subtle tweak will also make the fine point less likely to dull on contact with anything harder than a peach when you use it. Now back to the squares. Machined from a single billet of anodised aluminium these squares have a couple of features that could only be appreciated by woodworkers. Firstly, a slight indent in the corner where the stock meets the blade to avoid a misreading against a bit of burred timber, and secondly, a rebated inside wall to the stock so the tool can be laid flat on the workpiece at the edge without falling. Small details I know but important when you've discovered their purpose. Being milled from a single billet means there is no joint. Accidentally knock it off the bench and onto the floor and it will not to the detriment of the tool. Perhaps a little shaping to remove the dents will be all that's required but accuracy will not be compromised anywhere near as much as with a two-piece square.


Briony Darnley

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