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Tuesday 31 March 2009

Michael Huntley explains how this furniture repair kit works


What Behlen have come up with is the widest range of coloured filler sticks that I have ever seen. Once I had tested the system whatever sceptism I had vanished. I want the trial kit for my own workshop. The kit consists of a wooden spatula with flat and curved heads - I preferred the curved one - the sticks, a balm and a lubricator. For those who are uncertain about filling technique, Behlen sell a Touch-up and Repair DVD and supply a colour chart and catalogue.

The verdict

Because the products come from America there must be shipping costs involved, but this is only a small negative for the most user-friendly system of fillers, colours and polishes that I have found on the market today.

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"Behlen sell a Touch-up and Repair DVD and supply a colour chart"

The Numbers

Behlen Burn-in Kit
Prices (correct at time of publication):
Burn-in kit (item no. B881-0018): £98.00
Filler sticks single stick (item no. B320-001): £4.40
Box of assorted sticks (item no. B320-302): £21.00

The kit

Contact Details

Contact: Behlen
Tel.: 0115 973 7288