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Monday 11 July 2016

14-12 Chair, from Waters & Acland


The latest masterpiece from Waters & Acland’s Lake District studio is the 14-12 Chair. It comprises 714 separate ash (Fraxinus excelsior) laminations painstakingly formed and hand sculptured into a sumptuous composition. For head maker at the studio, Tim Smith, it represents the culmination of eight months’ work by a team of dedicated craftsmen and a particularly passionate and trusting client.

With one continuous section of laminate measuring more than 3.5m long there are no visible means of construction to be found anywhere on the frame. Designer Will Acland says: “With clear points of inspiration coming from nature and heavy influences from iconic designs of the last century, the 14-12 Chair is certainly the most complex creation to come from the Waters & Acland workshop to date”. The compound curved seat and back are upholstered in soft leather and appear entwined in the frame, yet floating in mid air.

Sculpture and furniture aren’t always natural bedfellows but we think the 14-12 is one of those rare pieces that could easily take up residence in either world. The design, however, is in its infancy as the studio have already begun work on a new version that will expand the concept further. If the 14-12 is just an overture then I can’t wait for the finished symphony.

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