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Welcome to......workshops


Derek Jones

30 July 2019

A place for everything and everything inits place, that’s pretty much what was drummed in to me when I started hanging out in the workshop.

The scene that greeted me every Saturday morning as I climbed the narrow winding staircase up to the first floor workshop was almost clinical in its layout. Rows of boxwood-handled chisels graduating in size from left to right on one side of a window with a similar assortment of screwdrivers on the other. Spanning the divide was a separate rack for scrapers, punches, rulers, squares, scalpels and a couple of gent saws. 

Welcome to.....making mistakes


Derek Jones

1 July 2019

It’s no secret that we all learn from our mistakes, they are after all part of the process of honing one’s skills and finding out what works and what doesn’t. Imagine though, how far we would all come in a much shorter period of time if we shared more of our failures instead of concentrating on celebrating our successes.

OK, apologies for the philosophical opener so soon into this month’s proceedings but I learnt a valuable lesson this month; the more mistakes I make the better informed I become. Eventually. There comes a time in your career when the things that used to take forever to work out seem to suddenly take care of themselves.

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