European Woodworking Show


Derek Jones

Friday, August 25, 2017

Very excited once again to be contributing to the spectacle that is the European Woodworking Show in a few weeks time at Cressing Temple Barns in Essex. The official word is that this will be the last show on account of Mike Handcock and the team at Classic Hand Tools having run themselves ragged every other year for the last however many. So whatever you had planned for the weekend of the 16th/17th September, reschedule and become part of the spectacle. If that’s not possible then feel free to turn up at the North of England Woodworking show in Harrogate on 10-12th November to make your apology. Yep, I’ll be there too.

Other news in case you haven’t heard is that F&C now has an Instagram account @fandcmagazine featuring all the good bits we couldn’t find room for in the magazine.

Take a look, drop me a line and enjoy your weekend



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