Derek Jones

Friday, December 9, 2016

Social media for woodworkers is awash with clubs, groups, forums and blogs of all persuasions to keep us amused, many of which owe their rise in popularity to the ubiquitous ‘#’ or ‘hash tag’ (HT) in popular speak. Drop your favourite # into a conversation and, assuming the company you keep are in the same circle, you’ve communicated a myriad of shared images in a second that would take a lifetime to explain in long hand. #handtoolthursday is perhaps one of the most popular among the Instagram community with more than 27,000 tagged postings of hand tools. The instigator of this thread is Jason Thigpen of Texas Heritage Woodworks, who set up the thread two years ago so like minded folk could share their passion, however casual or intense, for hand tools. The accumulated body of images and text is an incredible resource of snippets and information that could easily be the start of the end of the forum as we know it. And not before time if you ask me.

No more the clunky navigation and ridiculous antics to upload an image or whining to wade through from ‘disgusted of Didsbury’. Get yourself a smartphone and some data and join in why don't you? Happy 2nd Birthday #handtoolthursday and congratulations Jason on having the idea in the first place.

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