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Derek Jones

Friday, April 1, 2016

So as we gear up for the weekend after Easter (yes, this was supposed to go out last Friday) there’s just a few more pages to proof before home time and a change of pace, albeit rather short lived in my case. I’ll be prepping a 10ft long board of sapele for my next French polishing course at Robinson House Studio on 23-24 April, this weekend. What started out as a one-off introduction to shellac for the students enrolled at Marc Fish’s studio in Newhaven, is now in its third year offering the same class to external students twice a year.

A typical class will include a handful of complete beginners and one or two seasoned pro’s that have always shied away from the product believing it to be either too difficult or just not appropriate for their needs.

Well, we pretty much blow that theory out of the water straight away because shellac is the most versatile and forgiving finish to work with once you’ve learned a few basic rules. With these under your belt you’ll be able to read and adjust colour temperature in any medium as well as how to put that unmistakeable hand finished shine to your work. Not to mention how to make seamless patch repairs. Drop me a line here at the magazine if you’d like to know more about this course or why not check out what’s on offer throughout the rest of the year at

The current issue of F&C has got plenty to keep you occupied in the workshop this weekend as we have a long list of clamp storage solutions for you to try out; walls, ceiling and multi racks are all covered. And when that’s done why not try your hand at checkering gun stock-style with Skelton Saws. Our featured maker this month is Phil Edwards of Philly Planes, so if you want to take a peak behind the scenes of England’s premier traditional wooden plane maker now’s your chance. We’ve got a really cunning project for you to follow courtesy of Neal Crampton. If you made it to the Arts & Crafts Legacy exhibition last year at the Millinery Works, London you may recognise it.

However you choose to spend the weekend either in the ‘shop like me or with your feet up and some thing good to read, enjoy.


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