Saw Till


Derek Jones

Monday, February 9, 2015

There"s one sure fire way to find out if your tool collecting is running away with you; build a cabinet with a specific/fixed/non-negotiable amount of space for said tools.

My solution this month was this saw till. Apart from one 26" long rip saw, which I will do everything I can to avoid having to use, I can get everything else up on the wall where I can grab it easily and more importantly put it back. It"s not the getting out that I find difficult to master it"s the putting away that"s the problem. This cabinet was fund to build from offcuts and as such has its fair share of blemishes that hark back to its days as a bench worktop and then a shelf. To be honest both forms were relatively short lived so lets hope that this incarnation lasts bit longer.

Projects like this are a great way to learn on the job, so to speak, without having to worry too much about appearance or perfect proportions. They"re a great way to practice new techniques and experiment with new tools in a live situation. The rebate for the back board was started with a small plough plane. So was the one setting out the baseline for the dovetails.

So, am I going to fill a hole in the top where a bolt once used to meet a captured nut? Nah. Do I mind that there are still traces of oak stain on one of the sides? No, not really. But am I slightly miffed that I"ve just found another great saw to add to the collection and nowhere to hang it? Damn right I am.

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