Sawyer’s Bench


Derek Jones

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

It’s not often I get the chance to follow through with all of the content we feature in the magazine, but with a little time on my hands last week, I slipped into the category of reader/woodworker. My project of choice was Tom Fidgen’s sawyer’s bench from the Winter issue - No.226. I’ve been balancing on trestles in the workshop for long enough so now seemed as good a time as any to do something about it.

When we put the projects together we never expect that readers will follow the pattern to the letter unless of course there’s a particular need to do so. I’m no different, so I just swung by the timber yard on the way in to the workshop and picked up some timber from the offcuts pile. Needless to say it wasn’t cherry and neither was it exactly the same stock dims as those in the book.

I took the liberty of amending a few of the construction details as well, just to suit my tools and equipment. I used bolts instead of screws to attach the legs to the apron and ‘shop made draw pins to strengthen the lap joints on the legs.

As I couldn’t find the drill bit for the Miller Dowels, I improvised and went with Japanese wooden nails to help strengthen the joint between the top and the legs instead.

The result is a really stable sawing platform that has already been used. I’d say this was a couple of days" work tops to complete if you start out with prepared timber off the shelf. There are a few angles that can trip you up if you’re not careful but apart from that, a great weekend project that will improve your sawing capability no end. Material cost - £21


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