The Festool Truck Tour


Derek Jones

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

I don’t know about you but these Bank Holidays and half terms are playing havoc with my schedule. No sooner do you get a project underway than it coughs and splutters to a standstill leaving a pile of unfinished components in sticks awaiting the next process. I’ve got three such piles on the go at the moment and another at the cutting list stage. Don’t think for a minute I’m complaining - I wouldn’t have it any other way. Stacks of partially prepared timber, all neatly arranged and ready to work. Bliss.

Travelling also takes it toll on workflow, unless of course that’s what you do for a living and catching up with the Festool Truck tour at the Fixings & Powertool Centre in Redhill, Surrey last week kind of puts things into perspective. Festool’s brand new truck is kitted out with the entire Festool range plus the latest tools for you to try out and get a little one to one tuition. There are still a few dates left on the tour before the truck leaves the UK. Check out the schedule here.

Dave Taylor, area sales manager at the Fixings & Powertool Centre spends a lot of time on the road covering a large chunk of the South East but made it back to base and found time to recline in something that someone else made earlier. A rep for more years than he can remember, David is a guy who clearly enjoys the fruits of his labour, and anyone else’s by the looks of it. If you’re located in his neck of the woods and want to know more about the latest offerings from Festool, then he’s the man. And while you’re at it, ask him about CT1. Should anyone think of a suitable caption for this picture of David, I’m sure he’ll be glad of the call.


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