School May Fair


Derek Jones

Monday, May 12, 2014

It"s getting on for nearly 48 hours since I flipped my last burger and I can still smell charcoal and onions despite repeated showers and a bracing walk along a coastal path in 30mph winds. It was my daughter"s School May Fair this past Saturday and on such events it"s all hands on deck for a lot of parents, which for me, meant keeping three oil drum bbq"s on the go for four hours. Flipping 400 burgers and sausages is thirsty work, I can tell you. I was hoping to get into the workshop to carry out some tapering to a couple of sets of table legs yesterday, but fresh air and good scenery seemed a better bet, so I had just enough time to start work on this old hand saw.

Yes it"s seen better days, but something tells me it"s going to be worth the effort and for £1, what"s there to lose? It"s got a Warranted & Superior medallion with a version of a Royal Warrant coat of arms, suggesting that it is English and was probably a good saw in its day. Having got rid of the rust, the question I"m faced with is do I try my hand at saw sharpening, or send it out to the saw doctors for a pucker job? You"ve got to start somewhere I guess so off to find some saw files.

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