The V&As permanent furniture gallery


Miriam Bentham

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

The opening of the V&A"s permanent furniture gallery, named after Dr Susan Weber, has been a highly anticipated event for F&C readers and furniture making acolytes around the country.

So far, we"ve kept you posted with recent developments and now, finally, in the upcoming issue – F&C 204 – we are finally bringing you an in-depth account of what contributor, Jim Hooker, made of it. I won"t go in to too much detail about how the gallery was received, but its opening is significant in terms of what it means for those of us who feel that furniture is the most practical art form going and one of the most historically significant at that.

The permanent nature of the gallery is an exciting development for all furniture lovers out there. The new exhibition is chock-full of some very exciting pieces spanning the centuries and it is mind-boggling to think that it has taken this long to have a exhibition dedicated to furniture in the V&A – one of our nation"s most revered institutions after The BBC and Alton Towers.

The new gallery signifies a triumph for furniture lovers everywhere and I will be keeping my fingers crossed that the number of exhibits will increase over the years. In the mean time, if you are visiting the gallery yourself, why not let us know what you think of it? We"d love to hear from you.

A view of the Dr Susan Weber Gallery. PHOTOGRAPH COURTESY OF V&A IMAGES

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