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Season’s greetings


Derek Jones

23 December 2011

Here we are at the finish line, last day in the office and just the formalities to go through before dashing off to put my feet up. Who am I kidding this is where the hard work starts as there’s still a few things left to do on my Christmas list. I hope you have been enjoying the blogs from our two  ...

Merry Christmas from Sam Bradley


Sam Bradley

15 December 2011

In my last blog I introduced the Sylva OneOak educational project. The project has donated five boards to Rycotewood Furniture Centre, taken from a 222 year old, locally sourced sustainable oak tree felled at Blenheim Palace in January 2010. Three of these will go into the making of a seat designed  ...

Week 3, 5 December 2011


Amber Bailey

7 December 2011

As part of my BA (Hons) Furniture: Conservation, Restoration & Decorative Arts course, a variety of visits and live projects are arranged to supplement the taught programme. They are a means of enhancing the connection between what we learn in the workshop and the industry itself, and also provi ...

Week 4


Sam Bradley

2 December 2011

Hello again, this is Sam Bradley with more news from the National School of Furniture via Rycotewood Furniture Centre at Oxford & Cherwell Valley College (OCVC). Since 2010, Rycotewood has taken on three craftsmen-in-residence: Ian Smith, Tom Cope, and Jered Allcock, who were all involved with W ...

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