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Derek Jones

Friday, November 11, 2011

It"s that time of the week again and still there"s plenty to do but that hasn’t prevented me from getting hands on with my latest gadget; a miniature router plane.

There’s something rather appealing about miniature versions of tools that actually work like their full size versions. The chaps at Lee Valley are experts in this field and have been producing small-scale shoulder planes for a few years now. The Veritas badge is a symbol of quality and this little device is well deserving of the brand name.

After a few strokes on The Workshop Heaven PSA Scary Sharpening kit the chisel was as sharp as it was ever going to be and nibbled its way nicely across a small piece of Brazilian mahogany to make a tidy little tennn. I can see it coming in handy for recessing small locks or hinges perhaps or even inlay.

Not that we’re at all competitive you understand but F&C threw down the gauntlet in the path of WPP"s Pocket Workshop to create the Micro Workshop and another chance to play with some new bits and bobs. This time it was to be Japanese wooden nails from Dictum to repair a little something that got damaged in transit.

The nails require a tapered drill matched to the size of the nail to bore the hole. Add a drop of glue then a few gentle taps with a light hammer and the broken tenon was back in place. Trim back with a flexi saw and the job"s complete.

Not exactly what you would call a hard days work but I guess I’m just easily pleased. Have a great weekend.

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