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Derek Jones

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

The ‘Woodies’ as we are collectively known in the building will soon be operating on a skeleton crew as more of us head off on holiday. In my absence Vanessa will be taking hold of the reigns, so you’re in safe hands. Expect a blog or two and make sure you keep her up to date with news and events. Paul Prince did precisely that this week following an award from his local chamber of commerce. Follow this link to see his report.

You may recall back in issue no. 175 we featured an article about rust removal through the process of electrolysis. It was a very popular subject and led a few of us here to look at alternatives. The upshot being that we will be working with Paul from Shield Technology on a similar article in a few issues’ time.

I’m still keen to hear your thoughts on what constitutes a professionally rated machine and while we’re on the subject of reminders, if you have a few moments to spare you might like to have your say in the way we plan the magazine by completing the F&C survey by clicking here.

For what is traditionally a quiet time of year for new products there has been no let-up as far as new machines and gadgets are concerned. Festool, Bosch and Metabo will all be showing new equipment at the D&M show later in the year as well Record and Scheppach. At the other end of the scale, Martin will be launching a new panel saw in the UK early next month which we will be featuring as soon as we can get our hands on one. You can see a sneak preview by clicking here So what else is new? Well we’re in the final stages of bringing you a host of new authors with a different slant on things and maybe some topics that are new to the title altogether.

The F&C app is catching on fast with many of you choosing to buy both versions of the magazine. Right now it is only available for the Apple platform but that is all about to change for you android users. No fixed date as yet but watch this space.

That’s it from me, folks. See you in a couple of weeks


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