Spruce-fir update and Scunthorpe


Vanessa Austin Locke

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

I thought you"d all be dying to know how my spruce-fir aka Ben"s soul is getting on. The truth is, not so good. I took it home at the weekend because after two weeks of diligent care, nothing had sprung, sprouted or bloomed. Turns out that"s because there was no seed in the pot. Yes, Ben had forgotten to plant his soul. I didn"t tell him, he"s already soulless, I couldn"t take away his claim to an intellect too. Let"s hope he"s not reading this now.

Instead I"ve re-planted it, not with a spruce-fir (didn"t happen to have one of those hanging around the greenhouse) but with a sunflower seed. Lord please let it germinate. I"ll let you know if my prayers are answered. I"m sure you"ll be on the edge of your seats between now and then.

In other news, I had the very great pleasure of taking a 9 hour round trip to... wait for it... Scunthorpe last week. Yes, Scunthorpe. I was to interview one Stuart Denniss, a bespoke designer/maker who trained in the UK. Turned out to be a thoroughly lovely chap and an extremely interesting interview, looking at the difference between skill sets here and in the US. Look out for it in the June issue of F&C.

So this softie southerner managed to make it back onto the right side of London without being beaten up, only able to conclude that up north ain"t so bad after all. And they make really good tea.

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