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Taking it easy


Derek Jones

26 April 2011

It does seem like the weekend has gone on forever and summer is here at last. And to think that we have it all to look forward to again next weekend. The office right now is deserted. All those folk who were lucky enough for their schedule to allow them to take 3 days off and get 11 back to back mus ...

Spruce-fir update and Scunthorpe


Vanessa Austin Locke

19 April 2011

I thought you"d all be dying to know how my spruce-fir aka Ben"s soul is getting on. The truth is, not so good. I took it home at the weekend because after two weeks of diligent care, nothing had sprung, sprouted or bloomed. Turns out that"s because there was no seed in the pot. Yes, Ben ...

Extended family


Derek Jones

8 April 2011

Southeast Woodworking show last weekend at the Kent county showground near Detling was the first woodworking show to be held there. As far as I can gather the general reaction was positive, in that it was great to have a new event at all when existing ones are waning in popularity and concerns about ...

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