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Vanessa Austin Locke

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

I"m just waiting for the final colour proofs of F&C 178 before it"s sent off to the printer. It"s been a slightly tricky cycle for me and everything"s felt a bit disjointed but I"m pleased with the results. When making anything, it"s often the way that the things that give me most trouble turn out to be the best. Hopefully this will be true of the next issue. I particularly enjoyed interviewing Arnt Arntzen. I have pretty classical tastes and would choose a beautifully refurbished antique over a contemporary design any day but... Arntzen"s creations, made from reclaimed wood and parts of helicopters and aeroplanes, got my attention. I love the mix of industrial design and to-be-worn-again wood.

The new issue is shaping up too and I"ve just started writing a feature on a designer maker we touched on a few issues ago called Wharton Esherick. He was an American sculptor born in 1887 who wanted to make furniture that was also art. This may sound like a common mission statement but, he was among the first to do it. He was strongly influenced by Expressionism and the work of Rudolph Steiner amongst others. His work was being shown in the Whitney just six years after he began making in 1926. His home is now The Wharton Esherick Museum and is a rustic fairyland of colour and sculpture.

Tegan and I have been putting together The Woodworkers Directory between us which is a logistical nightmare that I can only compare to doing a jigsaw puzzle of a picture of baked beans. We found ourselves in a fit of the giggles earlier, brought on by sheer frustration. But, never fear, we will have your directory spic and span and ready for you in just a matter of weeks. And a very useful resource it will be.

Well, the day is drawing to a close and I think Tegan and I deserve a glass of wine. "Til next time...

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