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Vanessa Austin Locke

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

I"m sitting at my desk listening to our designer Al and editor Derek grumble because Derek only put one sugar in Al"s tea. They sound rather like an old married couple. It"s quite sweet really. The tea that is.

This week... well, we"re having the whip cracked over us a bit for one reason and another. But that"s not to say we don"t enjoy it. Especially Derek. So yes, noses to the grindstone it is and everyone seems a little grumpy. Not me, I"m so excited about the return of spring I can barely contain myself.

And what of woodworking? Well, I"ve been writing a feature about Wharton Esherick this month which has transported me into a world of woody wonder. His influences included German Expressionism which took me on a bit of a sidetrack for a while into the land of Nosferatu (one of the earliest expressionist films) and then back out towards expressionist architecture. Some of you chaps really are quite inspiring you know.

Well, I must push off now but it"s been a pleasure as always.

P.S. if you have any good jokes do let me know. Al and Derek have fallen out over the amount of sugar in Al"s tea and I need to lighten the mood.

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