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Spruce-fir fable


Vanessa Austin Locke

31 March 2011

I"m growing a spruce-fir in the office. It"s really an act of charity. I was down in the basement chatting to our IT guy (they always keep them in the basement don"t they?) when I noticed a small terracotta pot with what looked like dry coffee granules in it. Turns out it was soil. Ben w ...

Benchwork looming


Derek Jones

23 March 2011

It’s been a while since I’ve done one of these and one would think there was a lot to catch up on. I’m sure there is but nothing springs to mind. Right now I’m looking forward to the Talking Tools Show at Axminster this weekend. If you’re planning on going and our paths cross come and say hello. I s ...

Far too busy to blog


Vanessa Austin Locke

9 March 2011

I"m sitting at my desk listening to our designer Al and editor Derek grumble because Derek only put one sugar in Al"s tea. They sound rather like an old married couple. It"s quite sweet really. The tea that is. This week... well, we"re having the whip cracked over us a bit for one re ...

New Issue


Vanessa Austin Locke

2 March 2011

I"m just waiting for the final colour proofs of F&C 178 before it"s sent off to the printer. It"s been a slightly tricky cycle for me and everything"s felt a bit disjointed but I"m pleased with the results. When making anything, it"s often the way that the things that give me ...

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