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Spring Awakening


Vanessa Austin Locke

16 February 2011

My office window looks out onto the floodplains of Lewes. On days like this, when the sky is so clear that the water looks like a mirror, one can"t help but smile at the prospect of spring and all the fresh energy it supplies. This week I"ve been having fun looking at dates for the diary com ...

Tuesday 15 February 2011


Derek Jones

15 February 2011

It wont be long before we start work on the May issue of F&C which believe me is a sure fire way of making the year fly past. There are occasions when working so far in advance seems a bit of a nonsense to me when things can be, how shall we say, fluid. On the other hand of course it does help to pl ...

Hello workers of the wood universe...


Vanessa Austin Locke

2 February 2011

Dear workers of the wood universe, my name"s Vanessa and I"m the new deputy here at F&C, stepping into the elegant shoes of Andrea Hargreaves. I"m delighted to be here and to know you all. Please forgive my tardieness in writing my first blog but, coming from a fashion background, I" ...

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