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Derek Jones

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Like many of you I guess I spent longer at home than usual the last couple of weeks. As well enjoying the season there was a fair amount of tinkering around in the workshop. Over the years I’ve squirreled away a number of old tools, some I’ve splashed out on and others just acquired. After years, in some cases, of being boxed up and protected from the elements inevitably some need rejuvenating so what better reason was there to experiment with Colin Sullivan’s technique for rust removal in this months F&C.

I started out with a couple of pairs of calipers that had been in the family for two generations now and couldn’t believe the result. You’ve got to have a go. I’m looking forward to warmer times and boot fairs to grab a few oddments and bring them back to life. Trouble is I know I’m on a slippery slope. Just a few more finds and I’m officially a collector. Eeek

Would love to hear from anyone else having success with this technique.

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