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Derek Jones

Monday, December 20, 2010

A little late responding to your comments last week on what makes suitable front cover material. I’m always genuinely surprised at the level of feedback you provide whenever I pose a question so to those I haven’t thanked personally ‘thank you for taking the time’.

There were some very, lets say ‘entertaining’ suggestions and some with more potential than others although perhaps not for this publication. But two common themes emerged and for the record I’ll list them in order.

1 Drop the posed action shot of man and machine

2 Show more pieces of furniture

As much as this makes for interesting market research for the magazine it’s not the reason for asking. Talking shop with an ex colleague over the weekend we got on to the subject of identity in relation to marketing. Are we Furniture makers, cabinet makers, joiners or carpenters? Where would a potential client look first if they were in the market for some bespoke furniture?

I’m keen to know who has made enough of an impression on you to remember their name. So thinking caps on again please.

1 How many practicing furniture makers can you name?

2 How many of them would you recognize in the street?

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