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Derek Jones

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Season’s greetings one and all. That’s right the Christmas issue is well under way and I already know what one of you will be having in your stocking. I’m a firm believer of keeping Christmas in December but some things are too good to keep quiet about. Regular readers of F&C may have noticed that from time to time we award a Dream Team badge to tools or equipment that have passed through the workshop and left a lasting impression. What better way to round off the year than a competition to award one lucky reader with a Dream Team of their own. With the exception of one very large machine our Dream Team for 2010 could be yours. With a rough value of around £2000 thirteen bits of kit are up for grabs in the December issue on sale 2nd December. Yes we’re still in October, yes there are still 73 shopping days before Christmas but what the heck. This is big. In fact it’s very big and it could be yours. I might even deliver them myself.

General housekeeping notes now. D+M Tool Show last weekend at Kempton Park in Surrey. By all accounts fewer people through the door than in previous years but a successful show none the less. I managed to find time to chat with a number of readers on topics ranging from post war aircraft production to local authority planning restrictions. Believe it or not both were relevant to F&C and the outcomes will appear in print some time in the future. Makita, Bosch, Dewalt and Metabo to name a few all had new products on display with ample opportunity to try them out. So what did I see that wasn’t quite ready for general release? Oh I think I’ve spilt enough beans already.

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