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Derek Jones

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Busy couple of weeks I can tell you. As much as I like getting out and about there’s a price to pay at the end of the magazine cycle. Last week Andrea and myself went up to Lamberhust in Kent to witness the sawing of some bog oak logs into planks for drying. Now I’m not from the Krenov school of cabinet making where an affinity with the material being worked is a strong influence on what is finally produced. My motivation is far less esoteric but I came away feeling very humbled by the experience. These logs are getting on for 5 ½ thousand years old. Trips off the tongue quite nicely when you say it, but just pinch yourself for a moment and think of all the incredible history that has passed in that time and tell me you wouldn’t want to make something out of it. We’ve got a full report by the way in the next issue which makes for a good read. I did take a short burst of film which I haven’t yet trimmed and will get it on line for you when the article appears.

Last weekend was the start of the W10 Exhibition at the NEC. Although a smaller show than in previous years the general tempo was better than expected from the conversations I had with Axminster, SCM and Felder for instance. My own interpretation of this is that there are still customers out there for manufacturers if the products are right.

End of this week and over the next weekend is the D&M show at Kempton Park. I’ll be there on Friday and look forward to meeting as many folk as can get along and make it on to the GMC stand. It’s not a very big stand so please don’t all come at once. If you were thinking of taking out a subscription to F&C I’ve got a cracking subs gift on offer.

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