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Derek Jones

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Just at random this afternoon I picked up a couple of old copies of F&C one each from 2005,6 and 7. Apart from the size and front cover they’re quite similar to the magazine that we put together now. The format is largely the same and in some instances the same contributors are still happily beavering away on our behalf today. I guess what struck me was that in essence very little has changed. Sure things have moved on in respect of health and safety and one would expect that as we evolve to be a more caring and responsible society. But the nitty gritty, the minutia if you like is still what we crave. This episode sparked a debate in the office centred on what it was that made furniture makers want to read about other furniture makers making furniture.

For a vast majority I suspect the activity is a solitary affair and a magazine or forum is where we have our tea break, exchange ideas, pass on a few tips and generally have a catch up.

I first grew up in the seventies and then again in the nineties and will probably give it another go in a year or so. I mean of course that it’s a long old process and we should never assume the task is complete. For me the enjoyment has as much to do with finding out how others work as it has with the way I work. Could it be that just taking part is enough or do we really want to go faster for less? If you’ve got an opinion, let me know. The kettle’s on.

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