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Derek Jones

Friday, May 21, 2010

Finally got my own bench out of storage and had it shipped down to the F&C workshop this week so I don’t feel as though I’m camping out and working out of tool boxes all the time. I shall try and get some shelves up and things on the wall next week before deciding where the lines of de-Markation will be set. Do you think CCTV is going too far? Ok I’m ever so slightly precious about my bench and tools as many a colleague has noticed in the past and often much to their own amusement.

I’m convinced Baker and Bailey are secretly working on a new routine; wood-finishing with aerosols. This, the latest of their summer season street performance acts has them wearing their respirators about three inches above their mouths and spraying what appears to me to be everything they can’t see. Like all men of a certain age they are longing to get back to their youth. I have no proof of course but the evidence is out there on bus shelters, bridges and railway carriages everywhere.

Matt said he would let me have a go on his skateboard lunchtime if he could borrow my Chopper to go down the pub. I might ask him to pick me up some batteries for my Walkman on the way back.

All this growing up can take forever.

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