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Derek Jones

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

I’ve had instructions from the office next door to flag up the Triton of the year woodwork competition. As a result of last weeks post I’m now aware that we have an avid reader of this spot in the Netherlands taking us to a total of, wait for it, 3. My advice right now Mr. L is to enter something (anything in fact) to be in with a very real chance of wining either 1st 2nd or 3rd. place. The odds will change slightly of course as word gets out. Assuming that is that word does get out.

There have been two hot topics being discussed at various levels here. The first being furniture making projects (the lack of them to be precise) and tool tests. These are both contentious issues and rather complicated to get the right balance. Naturally as editor I’ve got my own opinions and at this stage I’m not giving too much away by admitting the current range of both these subjects is less than perfect.

Regarding projects. Do we need them to be a complete start-to-finish explanation? What is more important, the finished article or the technique? How critical should we be of the quality of photographs used in these articles? I know where I stand but would welcome your thoughts as well.

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