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Derek Jones

Friday, April 30, 2010

After a long week holed up at the workshop I have finally made it back to the office this afternoon. What with it being Friday and ‘management’ having taken the day off to extend the weekend over four days I’m kind of wondering if it was absolutely necessary. After all much of what I do could be done from home, the park over the road or even the pub next door come to think of it, surely. I must remember to bring this up on Tuesday.

Issue 167 has gone together at last with just a couple of minor alterations to make. This will be the third issue of the new look magazine and the feedback so far has been largely in favour of the changes. As ever I’m always keen to hear from you if you have any ideas or want to let off a little steam. Which is exactly what I intend to do this weekend. Poop poop.

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