Greeting from Narnia


Derek Jones

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

You know that scene from The Lion, The Witch and the Wardrobe where the children fight their way through a forest of fur coats to emerge through the back of the wardrobe into the snow-covered landscape of Narnia… well, that’s just about how I feel now. The only difference is that I am putting up a constant fight with the white stuff in order to get back into a workshop stuffed with boxes. The wrong boxes.

Most are filled with kit that has been tested and is to be returned to the manufacturers, but what with all the slithering brought about by weather that could only have been dreamed up by CS Lewis, it’s been a bit difficult to get dispatch of said items organized what with the post office operating snowcentric erratic hours and couriers not venturing out much either. And of course that means that kit that is due in to test has yet to arrive…

Yesterday a thaw set in. The track to the workshop was relatively clear of snow and hope was blossoming. Surely tools and machine would arrive now, but today we woke up to another snowfall, gridlocked roads filled with cars driven by people who had been forced into them because the trains and buses weren’t running, and resulting chaos.

Perhaps we should rename the magazine Furniture & Toboggan Making… Unpack a box, someone, fold it flat, and let’s go for a slide.

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