Derek Jones

Friday, January 22, 2010

Here we are at the end of the week with a weekend of decorating to look forward to. I’ve ditched the water based paint idea and gone with oils. Old dogs and new tricks I’m afraid.

A copy of 163 landed on my desk yesterday, so no doubt it wont be long before you get yours. It’s always rather exciting getting the new F&C for me as well. Three months or there-abouts have passed since I last saw some of the content which is just enough time for it to feel new but vaguely familiar at the same time. We are slowly getting closer to the magazine I had imagined when I took up this post back in September, although my expectations and vision is a constantly moving target. In fact I can relate it to the process of making one-offs and realizing, only on completion, that you could have done it differently. Such pieces, however well planned they may be, are ultimately prototypes for the next project. Which in some way suggests that our entire lives are nothing more than a work in progress.

My apologies. I didn’t mean to end on a ‘downer’. It’s the weekend after all and time to go out, throw caution to the wind and enjoy yourself. Well for you maybe. I’ll be in the back bedroom again.

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