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Derek Jones

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

I was doing some experimental laminating the other day. Just keeping my hand in you understand, and was struck for the first time with the weird irony of the process. Take a piece of timber, flatten it out and make it straight. Then cut it in to pieces and stick it all back together again so that it’s bent. Was this really time well spent? Of course it was. So much so that I did it again with the same piece of wood in the opposite direction. I’ll get some polish on it when it comes out of the clamps and post a pic of the results of all this hard (and worth while) effort.

Hard work and worth while. Now there’s a thought because one doesn’t necessarily guarantee the other. But then it dawned on me that the end result wasn’t what was important, it was the process. ‘It’s not the winning that’s important… That kind of stuff is for losers and as if you couldn’t tell I’m feeling rather more competitive today than usual following the monumental defeat of a particular family member last night at Old Maid. Bring on the Tidily Winks.

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