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Derek Jones

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

I want to share with you a little of the conversation I had a couple of days ago with someone who I have had dealings with for a number of years but never really spoken to before if that makes sense. The conversation started typically enough with the usual round of pleasantries – ‘How are you? ‘Are you busy?’ ‘How’s the family?’ etc. Then I asked a question I had never asked before; ‘How are you finding business?’

First of all I should mention that the chap in question has restaurants and shops on three different continents so immediately I felt as if I were punching above my weight with this one. The answer I got however made me realise that businesses large or small have the same issues. I can’t repeat word for word his response as it was full of 60s vernacular that doesn’t translate well in to the written medium but in essence it was full of real entrepreneurial gems.

Say something interesting and do something different if you want people to listen.

Blow their minds; most people want their minds blowing.

Good entrepreneurs are prepared to fail, that’s why they’re successful.

Take action and don’t be left saying ‘I wish I had done so and so’

This is all stuff we have heard before, I know, but worth visiting again from time to time. For me the reminder was all the more relevant coming from someone who has put these lessons to the test and can vouch for them. I think you can tell I was pretty much blown away.

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