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Derek Jones

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Day off tomorrow and I’ve signed up for the seasonal decathlon event otherwise known as Christmas shopping. I’m hoping to complete all ten disciplines in around four hours. Flying solo I could probably achieve a much better time but tomorrow is a team event, which, lets face, it, is not the best use of time or resources. But using the 20/80 ratio of time management where it is reckoned that 80% of the results come from 20% of the input in any given task I should be back at home with feet up in under an hour. That just leaves the rest of today, about six hours or so, to make a few fine adjustments to the current issue of F&C and I’ll be well on my way to having the whole Christmas saga wrapped up before we even get in to December. Result.

I’m just curious, but do any of you actually get woodworky presents in your stocking? I once bought my sweetheart a Dyson for her birthday on the strength of a comment she made a week earlier. “I’d really like one of them”. Apparently I got it ‘so’ wrong. Family and friends, if you’re listening you’ve only got yourselves to blame.

Have good weekend.

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