Woodcarving as a hobby


Mark Baker

Friday, March 13, 2015

How we spend our time is, of course, no one"s business but our own. As well as work, family commitments and such like, some will take up hobbies - maybe even woodcarving. I must admit to often ending up with a variant typing error of "woodcraving" or "woodcaving", both of which make me laugh.

Being able to work with wood is undoubtedly one of life"s treasures and one doesn"t have to be "artistic" to do so. People will often use the word "artistic" when talking about why not to take up a woodworking discipline - particularly carving. I think there might be some intimidation from seeing wonderful sculptures and other exquisite carvings, that may put people off. It is hard getting a message across to people who may not have seen anything other than those examples. Carving is a broad church and getting people started with maybe just a knife on some whittling, or similar is great fun and it is simple and delightful to create something quickly. Mind you, one friend said to me they would not try carving due to the sharp tools. I quipped by saying he cooks regularly and I asked if are his knives blunt? We laughed, but then said he fancied trying painting. OK, not carving, but still a great hobby.

Breaking down the perceived barriers to get people to try anything is hard. Many have a fixed view of what something is and that is a hindrance. One thing that has increased is the number of clubs and organisations getting out and about and putting their work on display. Yes, I know it is hard to organise, but people do like to see things and have a chat and this is a great way of chatting to people and encouraging them explore further. What are you or your associations doing in this area?

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