Club expansion


Mark Baker

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Woodcarving groups seem to be mobilising themselves to feature in ever more places, showing what people are up to. Both turners and carvers have the most clubs of any woodworking disciplines and these, it seems, are serving people well. So not only is there friendship and help within the clubs, there is also organisation and a desire and mobilisation of resources, and a getting involved with events and ventures. Yes, we see people and clubs at the woodworking shows but there are also now clubs showing at gardening events, equestrian meets, craft shows, bird and wildfowl events and in stately homes. Seeing people proudly display their work and visitors picking up and looking at items is lovely in itself, but if they like it enough to part with hard earned money, well, that is an absolute treat and a real boost to one"s self esteem.

I would encourage people to seek out new events and venues as this opens up opportunities and possibilities that have often been overlooked or never been ventured into.

Anyway, as I get back to testing some products, and thinking of Michelle on holiday in the no doubt wonderful Australian sunshine, I hope you have a great Easter break, even if the weather forecast is a little grim... a typical bank holiday it seems.

Have fun.

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