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Teaching and demonstrations

Derek Jones

3 February 2017

Excellent, that’s January out the way, which means I’m only a couple of months away from the start of my 2017 teaching and demo schedule. The day job and other commitments mean that for the time being these will be largely focussed at short sharp weekend courses in the South East. Some of the tools  ...



Derek Jones

9 December 2016

Social media for woodworkers is awash with clubs, groups, forums and blogs of all persuasions to keep us amused, many of which owe their rise in popularity to the ubiquitous ‘#’ or ‘hash tag’ (HT) in popular speak. Drop your favourite # into a conversation and, assuming the company you keep are in t ...

For our North American readers

Derek Jones

31 October 2016

Here’s little bit of news for our North American readers that prefer to get their magazine in paper form. We’ve just added a new function to the website that allows you to search for your nearest stockist in a range of Barnes & Noble and Books a Million stores. You can find it on the home page o ...

West Dean College

Derek Jones

5 October 2016

This week I’ve been teaching a class down at West Dean in West Sussex or as it’s officially known, The Edward James Foundation. For creative course attendees, or serial offenders as I like to call them, West Dean is one of those places that you simply must have on your list of venues to try out. Set ...

New gauge


Derek Jones

13 July 2016

Here"s a little something I made earlier. Not quite sure if it"s the finished article yet or if there are a few more tweaks along the way to perfection. If all goes well I should have it ready for a blow-by-blow account in the magazine in a few months time. You can never have too many gauges ...

Houndstooth dovetail


Derek Jones

6 May 2016

I’m not sure why I haven’t tackled a houndstooth dovetail before, so here’s my first attempt. Not sure if it lends anything to the construction in terms of strength, but definitely fun to do. Obviously a contrasting timber makes it worth the effort. I used a 1:6 dovetail gauge for the layout and in  ...

Something for the weekend


Derek Jones

1 April 2016

So as we gear up for the weekend after Easter (yes, this was supposed to go out last Friday) there’s just a few more pages to proof before home time and a change of pace, albeit rather short lived in my case. I’ll be prepping a 10ft long board of sapele for my next French polishing course at Robinso ...

Grinding profiles and bevels on moulding plane irons


Derek Jones

9 February 2016

I know I’ve written about this subject in the magazine before and I’ve used the technique several times, but I thought I’d add a little something to the story since hearing about how a few of the professional plane makers tackle a similar problem; namely grinding profiles and bevels on moulding plan ...

Happy New Year!


Derek Jones

19 January 2016

As we hit repro tomorrow with just a couple of minor tweaks to finish off issue 242, there’s the smallest of windows to put together a quick blog, the first of 2016 as it happens. Apart from business as usual there’s not a lot to report, unless you include the most recent cabinet reshuffle among the ...


Nigel Morris

9 December 2015


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