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Wood Carving

Mark Baker

Mark Baker

Ancient Wonders

17 August 2017

I have just got back from holiday and had the opportunity to visit the wonderful town of Kusadasi in Turkey. This is a town that can trace its history of settlement back to 3000BCE.


Mark Baker

Mark Baker


7 August 2017

I have long been amazed by the variety of things craftspeople and artists make and create. I believe that we all have the innate desire to be creative and that is outworked in various ways. Each route will involve learning techniques and rules of some sort and many may involve dealing with and understanding risks and hazards of some kind or other.


Woodworking Crafts

Anthony Bailey

Anthony Bailey

In The Wings - On A Prayer

24 July 2017

Last weekend us ‘amdram’ folk – the back stage crew that is - met up on the stage in our deserted village hall to try and sort out the scenery

Furniture & Cabinetmaking

Derek Jones

Teaching and demonstrations

3 February 2017

Excellent, that’s January out the way, which means I’m only a couple of months away from the start of my 2017 teaching and demo schedule. The day job and other commitments mean that for the time being these will be largely focussed at short sharp weekend courses in the South East. Some of the tools  ...